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Antwerp Italielei 82


These premium rooms have a living/sleeping area with private bathroom with wash basin, shower and toilet, kitchenette, parquet floor, refrigerator, kitchenette and are partly furnished. Every room has an internet connection by cable and WiFi is also available in the entire building. A communal kitchen is also available.


In the room:

Interesting places

Place Distance
Antwerpen Centraal Station 0.8 km 3 min 8 min
AP Campus Meistraat 0.8 km 3 min 8 min
UA Stadscampus 0.5 km 2 min 5 min
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten 0.7 km 3 min 7 min
Bushalte Franklin Rooseveltplaats 0.4 km 2 min 4 min
KU Leuven Campus Carolus 1 km 4 min 10 min

Monthly rental price

€ 595-990 *excl. extra costs


30-93 m²
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