About us

Xior Student Housing NV is a Belgian real estate company that specialises in the student housing sector in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

Xior wants to go further than just building the shells, and aims to reduce to a minimum the stresses that go hand-in-hand with life at university (especially looking for and living in suitable accommodation) for students (and their parents), so that they can focus on the essentials, including both their studies on the one hand, and the fun side of student life on the other. Xior wants to get students into (and keep them in) their own place, with as few worries as possible, and with excellent additional services.

Allowing students to focus only on the essentials, according to Xior, can make all the difference. This is not only the case for local students (and their parents), who will find Xior a reliable partner, but especially for overseas students, where Xior offers a central point of contact, providing them with contacts they need at the right authorities to make their stay in the relevant student city as productive and pleasant as possible.

Since 2007, as owner and operator, Xior Student Housing has been building high-quality and reliable student housing for students who are looking for somewhere they can study, live and enjoy life under ideal conditions. A place with that little bit extra, where every student will feel at home right away.