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Tilbourg Kapelhof 31


21 non-self-contained living units
Type: Basic

The complex on the Kapelhof is an extension of the Heuvelstraat, the shopping street of Tilburg and the Radiopleintje. The complex is within walking distance of all the pubs and about a 5-minute walk from the central station. Located above the popular Italian restaurant Happy Italy are 21 rooms ranging in size between 12m2 and 32m2. The complex consists 2 floors and has a room with 2 washing machines and dryers, 4 showers and 4 toilets per floor and each floor has a large kitchen with sufficient cooking facilities. The first floor has a roof terrace adjacent to the kitchen.


En la habitación:

Precio de alquiler mensual

€ 285-410 *incl. costes adicionales


12-21 m²
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