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Breda Kraanstraat 1 - 9


44 non-self-contained living units

Kraanstraat 1-9 is the student house of Breda. Located on the Vismarktstraat, you as a student cannot located yourself better in the center of Breda. The complex has 2 entrances on Kraanstraat and an entrance to the bicycle storage facility on the Schoolstraat side. The complex consists of 3 connected buildings with a total of 44 non-independent rooms. The complex is divided into 4 blocks with its own kitchen and bathroom facilities and laundry rooms. Each block therefore has its own kitchen with dishwasher and spacious kitchen facilities. The building has a digital key-lock system.

Type: Basic+


En la habitación:

Precio de alquiler mensual

€ 325-580 *excl. costes adicionales


14-55 m²
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