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Enschede Ariënsplein 1-700 t/m 1-819


Ariënsplein 1-700 t/m 1-819

Premium rooms at a special location!

Come and live in the new concept “Work and living”. The former hospital on Ariënsplein has been transformed into a multifunctional complex. It is divided into different parts with the catering square in the center of everything. In the building around this catering square there are companies, start-ups, scale-ups, student residences & educational institutions. This makes it the place to work on your network and to make connections with all kinds of ambitious people.

All studios from 1-700 to 1-819 fall under the Work and living concept. When you rent a studio here, you automatically connect to Connect-U. Connect-U is our organization that ensures that the business community on the Ariënsplein continues to develop. Think of assisting in organizing company events such as meetings, company lunches or networking drinks.

You can rent a studio in this building part for an indefinite period with a minimum duration of 12 months. You are also entitled to rent allowance for most of the studios if you are at least 23 years old. It is also possible to register with the Chamber of Commerce with your address.

To book one of the studios, simply click on 'Book Now'. If there is nothing to see for a while, you can send an email to enschede@xior.nl and register for the “Future offer” on www.xior-booking.com.

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En la habitación:

Precio de alquiler mensual

€ 485-915 *excl. costes adicionales


19-40 m²
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