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Enschede Ariënsplein 1-600 t/m 1-629


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Ariensplein 1-600 t/m 1-629

30 independent studios

type: premium

Premium rooms at a special location!

Stay at the Ariënsplein in Enschede for the entire duration of your studies! This former hospital has been fully transformed into a multifunctional complex. The building accommodates students, young professionals, universities as well as companies and start-ups. De common area of the building is accessible for all students living at Xior as well as the companies working in the Connect-U building. It is  therefore the perfect place for ambitious people that would like to extend their network.

The accommodation is at walking distance from the city center & public transport. It is also next to the ROC of Twente and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The University of Twente is 15 minutes by bike.

The Ariënsplein 1-600 upon till 1-629 is only available for students. The contracts for these rooms are for undetermined time with a minimum duration of 12 months. This means you can stay here for the entire duration of your studies if desired. You can book these rooms directly by clicking the ‘Book Now’ button. If there are no rooms shown you can subscribe yourself at www.xior-booking.com by clicking the button “Future Offer”. You’ll then be informed when availability comes up again.

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En la habitación:

Precio de alquiler mensual

€ 530-630 *excl. costes adicionales


21-27 m²
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