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Gante Xior Overwale (Schoonmeersen)


Basic room:

  • Furnished with bed (no mattress), wardrobe, desk, desk chair
  • Sink in the room
  • Communal showers, toilets and kitchen in the hallway
  • Weekly cleaning of common areas
  • Rooms available with or without balcony
  • €120 monthly fixed costs (all-in)
  • 24/7 available for emergencies

For more information you can contact us our the contact form or call us at +32(0)9 247 05 51


En la habitación:

Lugares de interés

Lugar Distancia
Hogeschool Gent Campus Schoonmeersen 0,2 km 1 min 2 min
Station Gent-Sint-Pieters 0,5 km 2 min 5 min
Hogeschool Campus T 0,6 km 2 min 6 min
Universiteit Gent Campus Sterre 1,1 km 4 min 11 min

Precio de alquiler mensual

€ 434-463 *excl. costes adicionales


12 m²
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