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At Xior we understand exactly what the modern student is searching for. A high quality, trustworthy student room where you can study, work and live in optimal conditions. In a nutshell? A place where each and every student feels instantly at home.

Comfortable and safe student rooms

Our student houses provide a comfortable and safe environment that's specifically geared to the demands of the modern student. They invariably enjoy a central location and are in close proximity to educational institutions. Our student rooms meet all requisite quality standards and are equipped with the latest fire protection. In this way, we alleviate your concerns and leave you free to focus on 2 things: studying and enjoying life in student rooms to the full.

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The room is very great, spacious, comfortable, good materials in bed, cupboard, desk. Our daughter is very happy to stay at Xior Rotterdam for her 1st year study.

Veronique van Zeggelaar, France