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Enschede Ariënsplein 1-1 t/m 1-163


163 independent studios

In the former hospital on Ariënsplein in Enschede, there are 163 independent units. The complex is within walking distance of the city center and public transport.

type: premium

Basement rooms: Number: 1-1 till 1-23 located in the basement this are Xior rooms.

• The minimum rental period is 12 months. You can stay here as long as you’re a student

Students who are searching to rent a room from now till the 27 Juli or 26th of August 2022 can send an email to enschede@xior.nl. You have to leave the room on this end date and can't stay for a longer time.

Twente University students (UT):
The booking site for the Ariensplein for the academic year of 2022-2023 Twente University (UT) opens on Wednesday the 1th of June 2022 at 09:00 AM. This code is provided by the Twente University (UT). Twente University has reserved this accommodation for new international students who are eligible for the University of Twente housing. Note that when you apply for a reserved room studio for new international UT students, Xior Student Housing will verify your eligibility with Twente University. Book a room on our booking site www.xior-booking.com for the period 1-08-2022 until 01-08-2023 with the description UT. The rooms are located on ground floor 1,2.


Twente pathway college (TPC):
The booking site for the Ariensplein for the academic year of 2022-2023 Twente Pathway collage is open from Monday the 4th of April 2022 at 09:00 AM. If you go to Twente pathway college (TPC) you  are eligible to apply for a room and you will need a code to start the booking procedure. This code is provided by the Twente Pathway college (TPC). Book a room on our booking site www.xior-booking.com for the period 01-09-2022 until 25-08-2023 with the description TPC. This rooms are located on floor 3/4/5

To apply select “register here” and pay the registration fee of € 25.00. We will then verify your eligibility with the Twente pathway college or Twente University. Once your eligibility is confirmed we will ask you to complete your reservation by signing the contract and transfer the one off advanced payments as well as the first month’s rent (by debit card). These payments must be completed within the given time frame, but you are advised to proceed with payment as soon as possible, to avoid automatic cancellation of your reservation.

Monthly rent and additional monthly fees / costs:
- Monthly net rent | Please check the monthly rental price of this room excl. extra costs on the top right of this ad
- Advance service costs | € 50.00 per month
- Advance energy costs | € 70.00 per month
- Internet | € 17.50 per month
- Furniture and furnishings | € 50.00 per month

- Laundry  | € 12.50 per month

One off payments when you apply:
- Registration costs | € 25.00 (when you register)
- First rent payment
- Security deposit | € 1000.00
- Administrative costs | € 75.00
- Professional final cleaning | € 100.00

NOTE: you can only order the packages when you book a room. After the booking you can't order packages anymore.

- We only rent to students from the Twente pathway college and Twente University.
- There is a fixed rental period, early termination of the agreement is not possible.
- The room is for one person.
- Sublease is not allowed and is actively checked.
- Note that making multiple bookings is not allowed. In this case only your first reservation remains valid and any additional reservations by the same    applicant will be rejected. 

Available units are on our booking site www.xior-booking.com.

* We reserve the right to reject applicants without giving reason.

Open for bookings by UT students


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Huurprijs per maand

€ 480-530 *excl. extra kosten


16-31 m²
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